Thursday, September 13, 2012

Might as well

Music: Staind - It's Been A While (singing it in my head to be exact)
Mood: Proud and Content

Hey Broooooke! Broooooke! You call out across the world wide web? Where you at? Although I imagined many tales of grandeur that I could fabricate in regards to my where about, I will simply stick with the truth. Baby girl's been busy. And when I'm not busy I am lazy as hell! When the kids are finally asleep my "self" time begins. And far too often that is spent playing some Iphone game that the same friend who got me addicted to Fifty Shades of Grey, also informed me about. After 30 or so minutes of that, I may, or may not, wash A dirty dish, so my husband does not think the that house work resides on his shoulders only.

But not tonight blog readers! (And I use the plural readers loosely, hoping that someone is actually enjoying my late night rant. Late night? It's 9:19 pm! Hahaha. Yes. Late night.)

Tonight, after putting my almost two year old sweet pea daughter to bed in her big girl bed, I proceeded to  wash one load of laundry and, wait for it...exercise! Yes! Me! Typically I think that speculating how my life would be if I lived on the upper east side with the characters from Gossip Girl, is brain exercise, and thee most exercise I should get in one day. But I've been making a somewhat slow, and crawling attempt and taking better care of myself.

I walk. Not on a treadmill, not on the city streets, but in the comfort of our guest room or living room to a DVD called The Walk Diet. 1 mile. That's what I do.  I struggle to keep up as I giggle to Tina Fey's reading of her audio book Bossy Pants. The work out is pretty slow pace.The instructor is adamantly reminding me not to worry as the beat picks up. "You don't have to dance" she says comforting the viewer. It's even kind of lame. But for me, just for today, it works. And for today, I can blog about it too!


awells said...

What a wonderful way to retire this evening. So glad you're back Brookie!

phatcheex said...

Thanks Andi Pandi, you know the rest!